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I am a seeker who has been meditating since 1975. I was trained in Transcendental Meditation and transitioned to Primordial Sound Meditation as taught by Deepak Chopra several years ago. I am also certified by the Chopra Center to teach Primordial Sound Meditation and have trained a number of people to learn to meditate (see Testimonials).

However, my journey has not been one straight line toward Awakening or even Health. I spent 40 years of my adult life in the publishing industry with the last twenty years as a corporate executive or running my own sales and marketing company servicing independent publishers. Over the years, I used alcohol as my working drug to do the things that you need to do in order to be successful in business (or so I thought at the time). Towards the end of my corporate career, alcohol became a problem rather than an aide (quite common) and I had to go to detox and then rehab in August, 2009 for a month. The month at rehab was transformational for me in that I not only recognized that I needed to do something about my alcohol abuse but that even though I meditated twice a day, I had lost my focus on my own spiritual evolution and health. Although I had several relapses until June, 2015, I was sober for most of the time after my month in rehab in 2009. My intermittent sobriety and then complete sobriety since June, 2015 has added transformational depth to my meditation and spiritual practices. Today, I am a dedicated yogi on a path of Recovery and Spiritual Discovery.

Last fall, I traveled to Rishikesh, India, the birthplace of Yoga and received my 200 hour teacher certification in Radiant Body Yoga as taught by Kia Miller. I had worked with Tommy Rosen, Kia’s husband, for the last several years on my Recovery utilizing the tools of Yoga with an emphasis on Kundalini Yoga. Tommy created and directs Recovery 2.0, a very effective program using Yoga to help people in Recovery to move away from “fighting their addiction” to thriving in a post addiction healthy life style. Working with Tommy was the main reason I was able to completely move away from relapses. Kia’s Radiant Body Yoga combines Vinyasa with Kundalini to create powerful sequences designed to shift energy and create health.

I have now created Dragonfly Rising whose main focus is to teach people how to meditate and coach them through the first few months of their practice (when many meditators get frustrated and drop their practice). Once you are my meditation student, I am available for you for the rest of our lives, but I believe it is critical that new meditators have regular coaching in the first few months to make sure they are comfortable with their practice and receiving all of the many benefits from it.

If you are interested in learning how to meditate or in the early stages of Recovery, please contact me.