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Jan, Alabama

Tom’s teaching style is clear, methodical and open for questions. He has many years of practicing meditation to draw from. He has studied meditation and spiritual thought extensively in those years and brings those teachings to bear in a very down to earth way. Practicing meditation has grounded me in a way nothing else has. I look forward to each meditation time every day.  Tom is always available for follow up which has helped a lot.  I always hear his voice saying that the most important thing is just to relax and that drops me right in.  To me that is the sign of a good teacher and coach.


Urszula, United Kingdom

Tom is a highly trained instructor in Primordial Sound Meditation by Deepak Chopra. He has taken me to a level of depth and serenity that I haven’t experienced with other techniques. I am able to go faster and deeper without working so hard at it and I no longer react so strongly when life throws me a curve ball. 


Colleen, Massachusetts

After years of resisting a deeper meditation practice, I sought Tom Taylor's guidance. He was deeply grounded and encouraging in our conversations and his sharing of personal experience very-much inspired me.  I was moved by his generous spirit, his dedication, and the materials he presented from the Chopra Center. I can confidently say that integrating his lessons, my mantra, and a steady practice affected great changes in my life: my anxiety diminished, my creativity began to flourish, my overall energy increased in both vitality and discernment and ease. I truly believe that Tom's devotion to his personal meditation practice and spiritual path lends itself to utmost connection and I am ever-grateful that he is one of my teachers. 

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